Health and Sanitation

The county’s department of health takes a third of the budgetary allocations. The department has come a long way in setting the pace for a new dawn in the provision of a modern healthcare service to communities in the county of Samburu. Key among the flagship projects implemented are the construction of 24 new health [...]

Public Works

The department is tasked with the provision of basic and major infrastructural support systems in the county. Road networks have so far received major boosts in the county since the onset of devolution. A total of 1300km of murram roads have so far been improved with another 200km new roads being opened for tourism, business [...]

Physical Planning And Housing

Samburu County’s department of lands and urban development has since the onset of devolution engaged itself in some of the major projects on the road to the fulfillment of some of its key mandates. The department had so far prepared the county spatial plan and developed strategic urban development plans for some of the urban [...]

Finance and Planning


Education is one of the key elements of social and economic development in Samburu. The county’s department of education has taken great strides on the course for the realization of this dream having established 220 new early childhood educational centers and improved the existing under a tree centers fully equipped with furniture, education materials and [...]

Tourism, Trade and Enterprise Development

Samburu is hailed by travel enthusiasts as Kenya’s bedrock of tourism. Stunning natural attractions are an experience to reckon with for anyone who has ever been to or yearning to travel to Samburu. With breathtaking landscapes, favorable year round climates, parks teeming with unique wildlife species and world class tourism hotel facilities your Samburu experience [...]

Environment and Natural Resources

Environmental conservation remains to be one of the key components for the sustainability of the natural ecosystems and local livelihoods. The department has been engaged in the sensitization of pastoral communities on the importance of controlled grazing. Soil conservation structures consisting gabions and terraces have also been developed in erosion prone areas and regions. Moreover, [...]

Culture and Social Services

The mission of the Samburu County’s department of gender, culture and social services is to formulate, mainstream and implement responsive polices through coordinated strategies for sustained social-economic development of the county and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized groups. The Samburu county government has forged sustainable partnerships with the key stakeholders at home and beyond on [...]


Livestock farming constitutes a larger percentage of the county’s economy with 60% of the population practicing pure pastoralism and 30% percent practicing agro pastoralism. The county’s department of agriculture has lived up to its commitment of creating a food secure environment through the empowerment of local farmers to increase yields. Mega Irrigation farm schemes have [...]