Advert – Construction of staff houses Logorate and laresoro

Advert-Local Roads

Advert – Water projects
Advert – Construction of septic tank , furniture and installation of solar lighting at Lesirikan Health Centre
Addendum -Tender-T-131-2-3-2017-17
Advert-Seeds, Tractor, Camel, spare parts, uniforms, radio, construction
Advert-Expression of Interest for lease of a tourist lodge
Advert – Completion of Seketet maternity, construction of staff houses and dispensaries
Advert – Construction of classrooms, 2 door pit latrine and fencing works
Advert – Construction of Dumpsite and Soil conservation
SCG-C-001-2016-17 ISUDP Suguta Marmar

SCG-C-002-2016-17 ISUDP Kisima
SCG-C-003-2016-17 Archers Post Survey and Registration of plot
SCG-C-004-2016-17 Wamba Survey and Registration of plot