March 07 2015 0comment

Insecurity in Samburu North

Samburu County Leaders lead by H.E the Deputy Governor Lemarkat, Samburu North M.P Hon. Lentoimaga, Speaker of Samburu County Assembly Hon. Lelegwe, MCAs, El-Barta Ward Leakono, Nyiro Ward Lemoosa, Ndoto Ward Letura, MCA Lentukunye, and two nominated MCAs Linda and Statian have converged at Samburu North Constituency Since Yesterday in Follow-up for cattle Taken By Turkana Raiders from Suiyan and Bendera villages. There was push for leaders and elders for return of the livestock urgently.

The latest report is that there was a meeting  was meeting between there leaders, security officers and elders from both Samburu and Turkana sides. Elders from Turkana side who were tusked to negotiate return of the livestock from rustlers reported that they have failed to convince them to do so. Leaders have no other option but to push security personnel to act with speed to ensure livestock are returned to their owners.

There is reports that security personnel are requesting to be given up to two days to do so. Leaders are calling for calm especially from Samburu side to give their leaders and security personnel  chance to push for further negotiations. We support our leaders both from national and County Government in their effort to return our livestock and preaching for peace. God bless Samburu County.