Word From The Governor

When I first assumed Office as the pioneer governor of the County of Samburu, I inherited a world so hit by the inefficiencies spurred by underdevelopment both on the economic and social fronts. This scenario was one mainly orchestrated by decades of marginalization of the northern Kenyan region by the former regimes before the onset of devolution. Today however is a new dawn to the people of the great county of Samburu who by their virtue of their democratic freedom exercised their constitutional rights to participate in the electoral process which paved way for the making of the devolved units that ultimately established county governments. Spanning on an area of 20,000 square Kilometers, Samburu County is a land endowed with natural resources with immense potential for economic investments. Indeed the spirit of devolution is now a reality here and being felt by residents across our three sub counties which comprise the Samburu Central, North and East Sub counties. My government has in the past four years prioritized the key development areas when funding projects and programs initiated by the county government. When we economically and socially empower communities to get access to basic services they will on their part have a grip to soldier on to the journey of the opening up of new frontiers in their lives. A range of success stories on the areas of health service provision, water, Agriculture, infrastructure and business development are just but among our many indicators that can be used to gauge our performance on the public service delivery score card. Grassroots level communities are finally tasting the fruits of devolution as services are being taken to people’s reach contrary to yesteryears when such a move was virtually impossible in many parts of Samburu.
Today’s world calls for a more sober approach to the fulfillment of public demands, rights and general public needs in leadership. Transparency to our people has been our clarion call in exercise of our devolution journey that we just begun. In line with the constitutional mandates contained in the Public Finance Management act, my government has successfully carried out public participation sessions in all the sub counties in fulfillment of the citizens’ opportunity to set out the development priority areas in their regions for the respective financial years. Am also pleased to announce that Samburu County has indeed pioneered in the completion of the devolved system of administration management structures following the hiring of the sub county administrators, ward administrators, village administrators and the subsequent appointments of village councils. This has indeed greatly helped us to spearhead devolution programs at a much faster pace when taking such services to communities. Finally, I also take this moment to warmly welcome you wherever you are to the great county of Samburu for investment. Samburu is also Kenya’s bedrock of tourism. Come experience the great marvels of nature with the big five naturally wandering in all our major parks and wildlife conservancies. With the world class tourism hotels and facilities readily in place, your Samburu experience will only be a souvenir memory that will forever linger in your mind! Welcome to the magical Samburu and journey with us on this new dawn.