County Service Board

The Board is a creation of the constitution of Kenya 2010 in accordance with article 235. The board is led by the chairman and has five members, and a secretary. The Samburu county public service board was established upon swearing in ceremony by H.E. the Governor at the County offices on 4th June 2013.


The Board intends to establish and abolish offices in the County Public Service. It will also appoint persons to hold or act in offices and confirm appointments. It will further exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in those offices Our immediate priorities will include audit of the current staffing positions, harmonizing the pay structure of different cadres of staff in the County Civil Service and local government. The board will also urgently fill vacant positions in the County Public Service. In the medium term, we will undertake capacity building exercises for all public servants in the county. In the long term, we will develop an effective succession planning for the county.

Core Values

  • Fairness for all
  • Integrity
  • Transparent and accountable
  • Gender sensitive
  • Patriotism
  • Impartiality



Bernard Saidimu Lenaronkoito

VC County Public Service Board

Alice Lenanyokie

Member County Public Service Board

David Lenemiria

Secretary County public service Board

Dorcas Lekisanyal

Member County Public Service Board

Patrick Lekimain

Member County Public Service Board

Samuel Lempushuna

Member County Public Service Board

Timothy Lesingiran