H.E Moses LenolKulal – Samburu County Governor

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The Governor Promises to turn round the economy of Samburu to improve livelihoods.

Devolution and the new constitutional dispensation has opened up a new dawn and a lifetime opportunity to the Samburu people, a fact that will enable them rebuild their lives for a prosperous future.

Past government policies did not focus or take into account the development of the pastoralist economies and this has not only marginalized the pastoralist but has also exposed them to the effects of the harsh physical environmental and climatic conditions and thus making them even more vulnerable and susceptible.

The fatal incidences of insecurity that have on many occasions taken toll of human life and hit the national headlines are indeed some of the outcomes and manifestations of underdevelopment and historical marginalization as residents compete for the scarce resources and strive to eke a living

Our infrastructure is currently underdeveloped and poverty is still in the upper limit compared to the national average while insecurity is still talking toll of our people and therefore negatively affecting our socio-economic development.

My government sees a lot of potential and opportunity to turn around the state of affairs in Samburu County by putting in place measures that will resuscitate our economic performance for improved standards of living of the pastoralist population. Our land is full of un-exploited potential in terms of minerals, wildlife, arable land for agriculture and range lands for livestock production.

To reverse the trends the Samburu County Government will work towards reducing poverty first by putting in pace immediate measures that will address food insecurity in the County. Plans are already underway to promote food production by increasing the amount of arable land that is under cultivation and distribution of quality seeds, mechanisation of farming is already be executed by the Government to this effect.

The tarmac of the Rumuruti – Maralal road has just commenced an undertaking that is of immense significance to the success of our development agenda and also a great relief to the Samburu County transport sector.

We will exploit the great tourist potential that is endowed in our county, and make Samburu an exceptional tourist destination. Plans are underway to establish more conservancies and promote ecotourism, refurbish the existing facilities in the county while at the same time vigorously marketing our products both within and outside our borders. We are already pursuing plans to reclaim the lost glory of the Maralal Safari Lodge.

We pledge to create and maintain a vibrant agro-pastoral economy where value addition of our products takes centre stage. We shall establish abboteurs, tanneries, milk processing plants among others in order to ensure that we are self sustaining and reduce dependence on relief food in the county.

Harmony and peaceful co-existence is a task that is in the top of our priorities and agenda. Our unique socio-cultural diversity should be appreciated as a strength and nor a misplaced and archaic ideologies that divide our people and serve to perpetuate violence. We will relentlessly pursue measures to bring peace and totally secure our borders in order to recover lost time and engage our people in constructive and development oriented issues.

Governor’s Speeches

County Executive Committee

Gender, Culture and Social Services


Irene Senei

CEC Member Phisical Planning and Housing


Peter Lolmodooni

CEC Member Education, Youth Affairs and sports


Stephen Lekupe

CEC Member County Transport and Public Works


Vincent Learaman

CEC Member – Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary and Fisheries


Grace Seneya Lembei

CEC Member Environment


Peter Leshakwet

CEC Trade, Industry and Tourism